Sunday, March 19, 2017

Flash! Friday entry for 8/1/2014: Schism

On August 1st of 2014, the leaders of Flash!Fiction gave us this image and the word "Freedom". My story follows.
“300 feet or so,” I told Sara, “about the length of a football field.” I can’t believe I still think like that. I haven’t seen a football game, in over a decade. Organized sporting events quickly gave way to combat training and sparring, after the start of the Schism War.
I glanced back to Sara. She usually rolled her eyes, whenever I made a reference to something from the pre-war era, a world that had ended, before she had been born. Instead, she kept her eyes on the far shore, as it disappeared, below the horizon.
The land we approached was overgrown, and the only structures were degraded, but I knew, somewhere, in the distance, was civilization. We’d have to avoid Canadian authorities, and find stable work, but we’d be free of the warring sovereign states, the endless Schism War.
Sara didn’t understand though, and probably never would. She just stared back, silently, at the only existence she’d ever known.

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