Monday, July 15, 2013

Flash Fiction Week 11 Entry

Our fearless leaders provided this photograph as our Week 11 prompt.  These eerie chairs inspired the following Flash story. 

“How can you not see it?!” Mitch shouted.  “Its right here in front of us.”  He pointed to the wooden chair that had appeared before them in the fraction of a second he took to blink.  It was the only other feature on the large grassy field they had been crossing after school.
Megan just stared at him confused.  He looked her right in the eyes.  “It looks just like one from our English class!”  He turned back to the mysterious chair, to find a second chair had appeared. Blink. A third. Blink. A fourth.
Megan did not react to the multiplying chairs.  More appeared on the grassy field each time Mitch turned his head.  As the population increased, his heart raced.  Who was doing this? Did she know?
I wooden chair popped out of nothing right in front of Mitch.  It was... looking at him, somehow.  Taunting him.
“Okay! Okay!” He shouted, in defeat “I’m sorry, Megan! I turned in your report with my name on it! Now make it stop.”